4PCS 3.2V CATL Battery Lifepo4 302Ah 310Ah 320Ah for Solar System

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Notice! *There is 2 SKU for the link"ship from United State" is ship from USA Warehouse which accept customer from USA(It Only Supports the Continental United States, Excluding Islands and Dependencies) "ship from China" is from China Warehouse. *The delivery time from USA warehouse usually usually will dispatch in 1-3 working days and delivery time is usually around 3-7 working days. *The cost for USA warehouse is including tax and custom clearance *Some regions may need to go to the local express point to pick it the goods. If so, our business will notify it. If any questoin pls feel free to contact our sale person. *This is the CATL 302Ah model which true capcity is around 310-320Ah and we stick the lable as 320Ah,if you mind this pls do not buy. *Quantity in USA Warehouse is limited,first-come-first-served *Any questions can be communicated with our salesperson in advance,which we will try our best to reply you asap.
US Stock 3.2V CATL Battery Lifepo4 310Ah 320Ah for Solar System
Products Description
General Specification
Model Name
3.2V 302Ah
Nominal Capacity(Ah)
Cycle Life
≥4000 cycle
Internal resistance
Charge temperature
Max charge current
Continous is 0.5C,Max is 1C
Max. Discharge Current
1C for continous,3C for 30S
Dimension and Weight
Suitable for
Engine starting battery, electric bicycle/motorcycle/scooter, golf trolley/carts, power tools...Solar and wind power system, RV,caravan
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DIY battery pack must get the cells balanced before assembly. Later if there happens don't know how to assembled or unbalanced assembly is not accepted refund. please consider before taking orders, place order means you have agreed. thank you for your cooperation!

DIY assembled battery note
Professionals will detected voltage/resistance/appearance and other issues before every shipment, we can only ensure that the single battery is good, when arrival you can test the cells within 15 days, after that means batteries have no problem, does not provide return nor refund. If you found problems you can contact us for return or refund. Battery can only be unused (the electrode intact, no welding, no wear, the appearance good) to provide return. Any return behavior buyers need to be responsible for shipping fee.

These situations not provide return nor refund
1: after the assembly or assembly process happen any problem, such as the protection board connected to the wrong wire burned lead to battery damage, charger failure, the assembly error or unbalanced assembly, etc. 2: For damage caused , such as battery bulge/welded, battery pack without protection BMS caused by charging. Tip: These products are batteries only, without protection board,you need to purchase a match one! You can check our shop and search BMS.

Courier and logistics
In addition, because the battery is prohibited product, many courier and logistics are unable to send, the arrival will indeed be slower, so please wait patiently after place an order. Can Not give us bad feedback due to the courier company or because of the courier service slow or other factors. open dispute will be unacceptable. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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